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Simple Truck Tax is the most simple, affordable online tax filing service provider to file your fleet. is authorized by the IRS to file your 2290, 8849 and also correct your VIN no.

Why Simple Truck Tax

Simple to file

Most affordable provider nationwide

Guaranteed that your information is safe and secure


Friendly round the clock customer support

Customer calls will be answered by support team and will be clarified within a reasonable time

Gentle remainders for you to file your annual returns

Who needs SimpleTruckTax makes filing your taxes more simple than ever before, if you are an:

  • Independent Owner
  • Fleet Owner
  • Tax Preparer


Single Vehicle $6.95
Fleet of 2-6 $9.95
Fleet of 7-49 $24.95
Fleet of 50-149 $54.95
Fleet of 150-749 $90.95
Fleet of 750 & above $119.95


Form 8849 (Schedule 6 other claims) $19.95
Form 2290 Amendement (Taxable Gross Weight Increase + Mileage Exceeded) $19.95
VIN Correction Free